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TWD: The episode that gave me so many feels, Season 3 Episode 12: Clear

Posted by on Oct 5, 2016 in Fandoms | 0 comments

Heeeey!  So I’m currently in the midst of a rewatch of The Walking Dead, to prepare for the new season which starts Oct 23.  This particular episode resonated with me the first time I watched it and this time it is AGAIN making me feel all the things.  There’s so much beauty in this episode, yet so much sadness.  Alright, so let us start at the beginning, shall we?

Back to where it started

The Governor has pretty much called a war between Woodbury and Daryl’s group. (I know, everyone calls it Rick’s group but I’m #teamDaryl so I’m calling it what I want!)  daryl-the-walking-dead-episode-10

Rick has decided that it’s time to go back to the old neighborhood and see if they can find any supplies and weapons so they can fight against the Governor.   Carl begs to go and Rick allows it, so he, Carl and Michonne set off to a new adventure! #cheesy

While driving they pass a dude running along the street begging for them to stop.  I’m sad for him, but I understand why they don’t stop, as they definitely have to have a trust no one  way of life at this point.  It’s clear that Carl is sad about passing him up as well, but he keeps quiet  about it.  Michonne is driving and has to go around some stopped cars on the road and of course, the car gets stuck.  Zombies show up, a bit of chaos ensues, they kill all the zombies and innovatively (pretty sure I just made that word up) they use zombie body parts to get themselves unstuck, zombies CAN be useful!  The whole time, dude is running along the street screaming for them to wait for him.  They don’t, because at this point you have to fear the living, right?

As they get closer to the neighborhood, there are many warnings written on walls and on the ground.  Those should certainly be ignored, because most likely the people that wrote them are dead anyway.


The trio get to the town and discover that it’s been taken over by booby traps, but that doesn’t deter them as they work their way through the traps until a man on a roof starts shooting at them.  They have a decision to make, leave as the man is telling them to, or take him down so they can push forward.   They discuss it, because there’s obviously time for that since the guy is literally counting to 10, and they decide to take the guy out.  Rick tells Carl to go to the car and in true Carl fashion, he doesn’t.   Instead he shoots the guy in the stomach.   Rick lifts up the guys shirt to see if he was hurt and found that he was wearing a bulletproof vest, lucky for that guy!  Eventually he gets around to taking off the guys helmet and then my world was rocked.


YES!  It’s Morgan, the guy from the very first episode, who literally saved Ricks life. I was a huge Morgan fan from the get go ( I guess I was a Lennie fan, I loved him in Jericho, so I just wanted to see him again) and was sad when I realized he wasn’t going to be a part of the main cast, so I was SO SO SO beyond excited when I saw his face again!  Of course, he’s unconscious so I have to wait anxiously for him to see that Rick is still alive.  They get Morgan inside the building and find that he has all of the weapons that Rick was trying to go get.  Michonne wants to take the weapons and go, but Rick is adamant that they will stay until Morgan wakes up, he still has a huge sense of loyalty to him and I LOVE that!  Michonne starts eating Morgans food, which Rick questions, her reply of “the mat says welcome” is literally what made me fall in love with Michonne.  I love me some smart ass.  Carl tells his dad that he’s going to go find a crib for Judith, and Michonne says she will go with him while Rick waits for Morgan to regain consciousness.

Michonne and Carl bond

It’s so sweet.  Carl has totally had mixed emotions about Michonne until this moment, they come across a cafe that Carl and his parents must have frequented often because there is a framed photo of them on the wall.  There’s zombies, rats as bait and lots of gore while Carl is trying to get the picture.  Eventually they are overrun and have to leave the building.  Carl gives Michonne the big eyes and she goes back in and gets the photo like it’s no big deal.  She also grabs a painted cat sculpture for reasons, seriously this woman is the shiz.


Meanwhile, Morgan is awake!  It’s pretty apparent once he wakes up, that he is a few zombies short of a full horde.  The first couple of minutes after he wakes up results in him trying to kill Rick, he claims that Rick is “wearing dead man’s faces.” and ends up stabbing Rick in the shoulder, no big deal for Rick though, he finally talks Morgan down and they are able to sit and have a semi civil conversation.  We find out that Morgan’s son Duane was turned by his mother which is absolutely the most heartbreaking thing ever, if Morgan had simply shot her in the head like he really really should have, his boy would still be alive.  Tragic, and the story brought me to tears, (Lennie James is a phenomenal actor.) Rick tells Morgan he should come back to the prison with them, but Morgan has already figured out that there’s a war based on their need of weapons.  He agrees to give Rick the guns, but has no desire to be a part of the war.



I’m heartbroken again as Rick, Michonne, Carl and a pack and play head back to the prison minus my second favorite character.  They start the drive  and pass a mess of a human on the side of the road, a few feet further is a pack that looks exactly like the pack that was on the dude that was begging them to stop for him.  They reverse the car, grab the pack and are on their way.

In closing…

I loved everything about this episode.  Michonne showed her sassy side and it was everything.  I plead with The Walking Dead Gods that Morgan will come back and actually become a full time cast member.  (Spoilers, he does and I can’t wait to get to that point in my rewatch!)

I really enjoyed doing this blog, I think I might do recaps of all my favorite episodes from all my favorite fandoms!  If you don’t already watch The Walking Dead, you should.  It’s got gore, it’s got love, loyalty, friendships, more blood and guts and stuff and super creative ways to kill zombies and your favorite characters!  It’s on Netflix, you should watch it.  For real, just go now.  Report back when you’re done!

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Introverts unite! It’s OK to keep to yourself.

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Noobness | 53 comments

What is an introvert?

Webster says it’s a shy, reticent person.  I had to google reticent because I’m obviously brilliant, and it means not revealing one’s thoughts or feelings readily.  You learn something new every day!  So, yeah that describes me.  Hi, my name is Amanda and I am an introvert.  Please do not approach me to make small talk, as it’s pretty much my nightmare situation.

design (3)

What does being an introvert mean?

It basically means that we prefer to keep to ourselves.  Introverts aren’t really very party friendly, and prefer to have a small core group of friends rather than a whole bunch.  Introverts don’t really like to go out and do things, preferring to stay at home and be comfortable.  Personally, I get very stressed and uncomfortable in new situations.  I am perfectly happy being at home, on Facebook, or reading a book.  I do like to game on the PS4, and it does mean talking to new people, but it took me a really long time to get where I am now.  2 years ago when I started playing Destiny, I literally would not talk in a party lol, it was just way to weird for me and definitely out of my comfort zone.  When my husband and I started playing, I would only talk to him in the party, then after we had played with a work buddy of his for a bit, I would talk to him once in a while.  Fast forward to now, and I happily chat for hours with my Destiny friends, and the occasional new person.  I overcame that particular fear, but it would be OK if I didn’t!  There’s nothing wrong with an introverted person, it’s 100% OK if you don’t want to go to parties, or new places because it’s scary; however, you might be missing out on something that you could really love in life.

avoid all

My husband and I went to a marriage retreat sponsored by the Army a few years ago.  It was an amazing opportunity, we left the kids with some close friends and it was just he and I for the weekend.  The weekend was spent in classes, which had a speaker that actually talked about Introverts and Extroverts and how they impacted a relationship.  We found out what we already knew, which was that we are both introverts, and it makes for a very interesting couple lol.  We don’t talk much, I mean we talk about the kids, and we do love to have discussions on things that we are both passionate about, but we are not small talkers, so there’s a lot of comfortable silence between the two of us.  While in the class, the speaker asked a lot of us to stand and talk about things and let me tell you, I literally was sweating, dry mouth, nervous.  Just the thought that I might be called on to stand up and talk made me feel sick to my stomach.  Luckily, my husband has become used to talking in front of people, because of his time in the Army, so I deflected everything to him!  We did leave that retreat with a lot of really great info, and I realized that I really am no good at social situations. It’s not something I really have an interest in working on it though, I’m ok with being socially awkward.


Is being an Introvert a bad thing?

Short answer.  Absolutely not.  Every single person on this planet is different, and that is absolutely OK.  Should you get out of your little introvert box and maybe try and socialize more?  Maybe.  Doing new things is good for the soul, and if you feel that you should interact with people more, then go for it!  If you feel that you are perfectly content with not be a social person, cool!  You do what you are comfortable with, keeping in mind that you might be missing out on some fun parts of life by staying in that box.  I’m fine with being in my box, but I do get lonely at times.  I have online friends, but as a military wife, we move a lot so I don’t have many IRL friends.  Once in awhile I get the urge to go to dinner or a movie with a girl friend, but then I have this little voice in my head saying nah, you’ll be much happier if you just stay at home and watch some more Doctor Who.  I usually have to be prompted to go out, and there have been many times where I have literally felt relief at a cancelled event.  I get myself all kinds of anxious when I think ahead about having to socialize.  Going to any kind of event is a big ball of stress for me.   Oftentimes that stress manifests itself into anger or irritability and I have to find a way to diffuse it without coming across as a mean person.  Sometimes I fail and people get the wrong idea about me, because really I’m nice, sometimes it doesn’t seem like I am, but it’s just because I’m so uncomfortable at the time.  Those that take the time to get to know me, find out that I’m actually awesome.


Don’t take it personally.

There are times when my phone rings and I have to put it to voicemail.  I just don’t have the mindset to talk on the phone.  It’s an introvert thing.  Even talking on the phone is socially stressful!  It doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a close friend, or a business.  I get stressed at the thought of having to carry a conversation.  I literally get anxious when I know that I have to make a phone call, it seems silly but it is what it is.  I prefer talking via text or messaging, as it’s MUCH easier for me to express myself through typing words rather than speaking words.  So anyone out there that is NOT an introvert, don’t take it personally if someone avoids your calls or invitations out.  It’s possible that the person you’re calling or inviting is just not socially adept!


Work through it.

While I am totally fine with being socially awkward, I’ve decided to really work to extend myself outside of my introvert box.  I have made the huge decision to become my own boss and sell LuLaRoe, which means I have to get over my fears!  I’m absolutely going to have to get out of my comfort zone if I want to be successful.  I’m going to have to learn how to chit chat with people, face to face and not be awkward.  I’m not really sure how to not be awkward, but maybe I’ll just keep being awkward and people will find it endearing.  I don’t know what’s going to happen but I do know that I’m going to work hard on face to face interaction through selling a product that I love and hopefully everyone that I sell to loves.  It’s going to be hard, it’s going to be so stressful and I’m certain that at the end of each day I’m going to be exhausted while at the same time feeling so fulfilled, hopefully!  I’m a proud introvert, but I have aspirations to do well in my job so I’m going to bust my booty to get myself out of that box.  There are a ton of introverts throughout history that have made a huge impact on the world, Dr. Suess, Rosa Parks, Steven Spielberg and Mark Zuckerburg (thank you so much for creating my favorite social platform!)  J.K. Rowling is an introvert, and she’s pretty much the most amazing author ever.  These people did it, so I can do it too!

anti social

I’d love to hear from those of you that are introverts, or even those extroverts out there, if this opened up your mind to some of the differences between us!

For those that want to proudly display your interovertness, here’s a cute shirt! Comical Shirt Ladies Introverts Unite Were Here Uncomfortable and We Sport Grey XL

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If your kid is in a show at school, here’s how to NOT be a jerk.

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Random cool stuff | 52 comments

Don’t be a jerk!


Last night my daughter participated in a talent show. Ella talent show 2

We bought her a special outfit, she went to weeks of rehearsals, practiced her song over and over again and was SO EXCITED about performing. We brought our entire brood, which we do whenever one of the kids has any kind of performance, because we believe in supporting them no matter what, so all 6 of use were there, and my daughter was backstage waiting anxiously for her turn.  The show was done in the cafeteria, so there was a whole lot of echoing.  They were selling snacks and drinks in the back of the room, while the show was being performed in the front.

So, the show begins, right away we cannot understand what the announcer is saying so I’m a bit skeptical of how the whole show is going to go down.  Also, there’s a lot of people in this small space and they are pretty loud.  Here’s rule number one on how not to be a jerk when you’re at a school performance.

design (1)

Seriously. Just be quiet!

Grown adults talking as if there aren’t adorable children performing on the stage for everyone to see.  It takes so much bravery to get up on a stage and perform.  Every one of those kids deserved absolute 100% attention and they weren’t getting it.  Adults were having conversations, even the school employees were talking to each other while children were performing.  People please, if you are at a performance, especially when it’s a bunch of elementary school children, give them your attention!  That’s why they are there, they want to perform for you!  They want you to love what they are doing!

So the show continues, each child bravely walking across the stage and performing their hearts out.  Unfortunately, for this particular show, the speaker was horrible and you could barely hear the children that were singing.   As the show progresses, the noise in the audience just gets louder and louder, until finally a teacher got up on the stage and asked people to please be quiet. Should be common sense right? After that announcement from the teacher, the cafeteria started to clear out. This brings me to my second rule on how to NOT be a jerk.


design (2)

Listen, if I have to sit there and endure the pain of listening to your child sing completely off key and off rhythm, which as a singer is incredibly difficult for me, then you better damn well sit there and listen to MY child!  My daughter came over to us about halfway through the show to get a drink of water and she said to me “Where’d everyone go?”  She was sad because half the cafeteria had cleared out because their child was done.  Unacceptable, support ALL of the children, not just yours.

Unfortunately, my princess was the third to last performance.  I say unfortunately because by the time she got to the stage, most of the audience was gone, and the ones that remained were very restless, i.e. LOUD, bringing me to my third rule on how to NOT be a jerk.


Please teach your children how to sit quietly and respectfully.  It’s something that they will need as adults, so start when they are little!  DO NOT allow them to run around the back of the room, as if they are on a playground playing tag, sit their cute little butts down and have them watch the show.  There’s a time and a place for playing, teach them when that is.  I have 4 children, and while they are very far from perfect, they do know when it’s time to sit down and shut up.  I taught them that early on by stringing them up by their toes and squirting them in the face with a squirt gun when they made noise.  Just kidding, I’m not a jerk.  My husband and I work hard to make sure that our kids are respectful and that’s part of why we make them go to these performances that are literally excruciating to sit through, it gives them LIFE SKILLS.

My daughter performed beautifully, ignoring all of the noise that was being made while she sang, and she ended up getting the loudest applause when she was done, or maybe I just heard it that way, I might be biased.  When she was done, we sat and listened to the rest of the children, cheered for them and when it was all over, collected our kids and left.

I hope that you take these helpful hints the next time you take your child to a performance.  Remember that yours is not the only one performing!  All of those children have feelings, and excitement and trepidation and they really just want you to cheer loud for them when they are done.

In closing.  DON’T BE A JERK.
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