I’m a scatterbrain!

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What am I doing here?

So, I’ve done a lot of reading the last couple of days on how to start a blog, and I think I have a good handle on it. I used to blog many years ago, for my family, about my kids, but I stopped doing it because…well, Facebook. Who needs to blog when you have Facebook? Today that changes. So, as I was saying, I did a lot of reading, and most of the things I read said that I should choose a topic, like I NEED to choose one specific thing, and that’s what my blog will ultimately be about. Well kids, I can’t choose one thing.

I have a million thoughts any given second, and I want to share those thoughts with you! I want to talk about gaming, fandoms, nerd stuff, kids, teenagers, stuff that I buy and love, and want you to love too! I want to help army spouses out there, and give info on the craziness that is army life. If any of that interests you, then please bookmark or whatever one is supposed to do to a blog they like, and come back to me! I plan on being here for awhile.

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