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The absolute worst parts of being a grown up.

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Being a grown up sucks.

Yup, it’s the truth.  It’s not unknown, most adults know that being an adult isn’t nearly as fun as you think it’s gonna be when you’re a child. I hear my kids say all the time, I can’t wait until I’m a grown up so I can do that, to which I respond, stop it.  Just stop.  Have you guys ever seen that movie Freaky Friday?  Either version, the one with Lindsay Lohan or the original, although I prefer the original.  Anyway, that movie is like my dream scenario, go back to being a child just for a short while?  Yes please!  I’d even be a teenager again, which was definitely the suckiest time of my life, but to just not have the responsibilities of adult hood, even for a short time, yeah I’ll take that.  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love everything about my life right now, except the bills part, being a mom and a wife is the most fulfilling thing ever, but there are a few aspects about it that I would GLADLY give up

  • Laundry.  It’s my absolute arch nemesis.  Once I became a teenager, I had to do my own, and I hated it then, but it was just me so while I thought it sucked then, I had no idea!  Now I have to do laundry for 6.  SIX PEOPLE.  I definitely didn’t think about that when we decided to have 4 children.  The laundry is never freaking ending.  NEVER ENDING.  There’s nothing fun about laundry, there’s nothing satisfying about laundry. Laundry just flat out sucks and if I had a ton of money, I would literally hire someone just to be my laundry person.  Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m feeling all kinds of guilt because there is currently 4 baskets of clean clothes in my room that needs to be dealt with, and at least 3 loads that need to be washed.  Someone come save me.

laundry-meme-1  neverending-story

  • Dishes.  Ugh.  Again, there are 6 people living here.  3 meals a day, plus snacks= too damn many dishes and I don’t want to deal with them.  Most of the time I pawn it off on a child, my oldest 2 boys are old enough, and my daughter is getting to the point where she can clean the kitchen well also, so it’s not as bad as it was a couple of years ago BUT the struggle to get them to clean it properly, is real.  If someone wants to come here and give a training session on how to load the dishwasher, I’d be forever grateful. Or if you could come here and train my perfect children to put each dish into the dishwasher when they’re done with meals, that would also be amazing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have robots, I have kids and you pick and choose your battle, I don’t have the energy to ask each child each time to please put their dishes away.  Let’s be honest, it would be more like PUT YOUR DAMN DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER!  WE DO NOT HAVE A HOUSE ELF HERE TO DO IT FOR YOU!  I HATE DISHES SO WASH YOUR OWN DAMN DISHES!  So ultimately we end up with a sink full of dishes, and me yelling at various children, at various times, to get the kitchen clean. Wait, I guess that’s kind of a perk of being the grown up… I get to tell them what to do.  LIGHTBULB!


  • Cleaning the bathrooms.  Hands down the absolute worst part of having 3 boy children is cleaning the bathroom.  Now the boy children are older, so I don’t do it anymore!  I do a once a monthish deep clean of the bathrooms, but on a weekly basis, I put my minions to work on cleaning toilets, tubs and counters.  Having older minions is a beautiful thing, but I still have nightmares of the days when they were all younger and I was the only one that did the cleaning. /shudder  Seriously, this list is just making me realize that being a grown up with older kids isn’t as awful as I was thinking it was when I started this list. HAHA!


  • Paying for crap.  Paying the electric bill, the internet bill, the car payments, the mortgage, although the mortgage is still kind of fun for me, because we just bought this house a few months ago and it’s amazing to be a home owner; however, it sucks to put our hard earned money into such stupid non fun things like electric, and insurance and stupid water bills.  As a kid, I had no idea that bills were a thing, I tell my kids all the time to enjoy the crap we buy for them because as adults, you don’t get to just ask for things and have them appear (my kids might be spoiled, because I live vicariously through them) you have to actually go to work to get the money to buy the things you want.  Of course, I also tell them that work is fun and they’re going to find a job that they love and so everything they earn is going to feel like rainbows and skittles.  They’ll figure it out as adults that I’m full of crap.


  • Having to go to work.  Ok, so I don’t work right now, I mentioned in my last post that I will soon be a LuLaRoe Consultant and I’m so stupid stoked about it, but I used to work!  I used to work at a hotel, and while I loved my coworkers, I hated having to go to work each day.  I’ve had a work from home job as a chat agent and while it was fun at first, it eventually became monotonous and boring.  Then I did Q&A for awhile, and it was absolutely fantastic to have that opportunity for income, but like chatting it quickly became monotonous and boring.  I’m not a fan of boring, I like things to be fun, so it was a daily struggle.  Honestly it was a relief when the job ended because I was hating the daily grind.


  • Being a grown up and having to work sucks, but searching for a job that you desperately need sucks more.  That’s what I went through after losing my Q&A gig, it was stressful and terrifying and all the rejection letters were so disheartening.  Then I decided to do LuLaRoe and now everything feels exciting again.  I can’t wait to be my own boss while making ladies feel beautiful and comfy. I would prefer having a gazillion dollars and spending all my time at Universal Studios pretending to be a wizard, but I’m a grown up so I have to be all responsible and crap instead.


  • Last but not least, having to deal with bugs.  When I was a kid, I didn’t have to squash the spiders!  I didn’t have to swat the flies!  BEING A GROWN UP SUCKS!  Especially when your husband has a huge phobia of spiders so you legit have to man up and handle it.  Ugh.


It’s not all awful…

Being an adult isn’t all bad though, being a mom is amazing, being in love is amazing, the ability to eat chocolate absolutely any time I want is REALLY amazing.  Other than those times when I had to hide in the bathroom to eat my candy bar because I didn’t want to share with the vultures that I call children.  Luckily they’re all old enough now that I can just tell them I’m not sharing and send them away, that’s another perk to adulthood!  Childhood is beautiful though, and I strive every day to ensure that my kids keep their innocence for absolutely as long as possible. I want them to enjoy being kids, and I live my life every day making sure that they do, and at the same time, I get to be a kid again, which is way better than dealing with adult crap!  Adulting is overrated, so I’ll be at home playing video games and watching Harry Potter if you need me.

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If your kid is in a show at school, here’s how to NOT be a jerk.

Posted by on Sep 30, 2016 in Random cool stuff | 52 comments

Don’t be a jerk!


Last night my daughter participated in a talent show. Ella talent show 2

We bought her a special outfit, she went to weeks of rehearsals, practiced her song over and over again and was SO EXCITED about performing. We brought our entire brood, which we do whenever one of the kids has any kind of performance, because we believe in supporting them no matter what, so all 6 of use were there, and my daughter was backstage waiting anxiously for her turn.  The show was done in the cafeteria, so there was a whole lot of echoing.  They were selling snacks and drinks in the back of the room, while the show was being performed in the front.

So, the show begins, right away we cannot understand what the announcer is saying so I’m a bit skeptical of how the whole show is going to go down.  Also, there’s a lot of people in this small space and they are pretty loud.  Here’s rule number one on how not to be a jerk when you’re at a school performance.

design (1)

Seriously. Just be quiet!

Grown adults talking as if there aren’t adorable children performing on the stage for everyone to see.  It takes so much bravery to get up on a stage and perform.  Every one of those kids deserved absolute 100% attention and they weren’t getting it.  Adults were having conversations, even the school employees were talking to each other while children were performing.  People please, if you are at a performance, especially when it’s a bunch of elementary school children, give them your attention!  That’s why they are there, they want to perform for you!  They want you to love what they are doing!

So the show continues, each child bravely walking across the stage and performing their hearts out.  Unfortunately, for this particular show, the speaker was horrible and you could barely hear the children that were singing.   As the show progresses, the noise in the audience just gets louder and louder, until finally a teacher got up on the stage and asked people to please be quiet. Should be common sense right? After that announcement from the teacher, the cafeteria started to clear out. This brings me to my second rule on how to NOT be a jerk.


design (2)

Listen, if I have to sit there and endure the pain of listening to your child sing completely off key and off rhythm, which as a singer is incredibly difficult for me, then you better damn well sit there and listen to MY child!  My daughter came over to us about halfway through the show to get a drink of water and she said to me “Where’d everyone go?”  She was sad because half the cafeteria had cleared out because their child was done.  Unacceptable, support ALL of the children, not just yours.

Unfortunately, my princess was the third to last performance.  I say unfortunately because by the time she got to the stage, most of the audience was gone, and the ones that remained were very restless, i.e. LOUD, bringing me to my third rule on how to NOT be a jerk.


Please teach your children how to sit quietly and respectfully.  It’s something that they will need as adults, so start when they are little!  DO NOT allow them to run around the back of the room, as if they are on a playground playing tag, sit their cute little butts down and have them watch the show.  There’s a time and a place for playing, teach them when that is.  I have 4 children, and while they are very far from perfect, they do know when it’s time to sit down and shut up.  I taught them that early on by stringing them up by their toes and squirting them in the face with a squirt gun when they made noise.  Just kidding, I’m not a jerk.  My husband and I work hard to make sure that our kids are respectful and that’s part of why we make them go to these performances that are literally excruciating to sit through, it gives them LIFE SKILLS.

My daughter performed beautifully, ignoring all of the noise that was being made while she sang, and she ended up getting the loudest applause when she was done, or maybe I just heard it that way, I might be biased.  When she was done, we sat and listened to the rest of the children, cheered for them and when it was all over, collected our kids and left.

I hope that you take these helpful hints the next time you take your child to a performance.  Remember that yours is not the only one performing!  All of those children have feelings, and excitement and trepidation and they really just want you to cheer loud for them when they are done.

In closing.  DON’T BE A JERK.
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Words, here’s how you use them.

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Words are difficult.

I know the English language is hard, but there are mistakes that are made, which just should not be made.  Simple things that really don’t take a whole lot of brain usage, so honestly  you won’t hurt yourself by using them properly.  Nerds like words, and we have a really hard time when people use them the wrong way, so here’s a handy list of the way you should and should not use words.

1.  Irregardless.  Nope, don’t do it. Regardless of whether you think it’s actually valid or not, just don’t.

2.  Supposebly.  Nope. Just NO. There is no B in Supposedly. Please, please just don’t.

3.  I could care less.  Just think about this phrase for a second, listen to it in your mind, let it swirl around in there.  Does it sound right?  I mean, if you could care less, then you would care less right?  So when you’re saying it, does it work?  Nope.  I couldn’t care less, if you could care less.

4.  You’re vs Your. Guys, this one is so easy.  If you just put your mind to it, you’ll see how easy it is!  You’re= you are. Your is yours.  Please word responsibly.

5.  I seen that. Please no.  Just don’t. You can see that, or you can say I saw that, but no one ever seen anything. Ever.

I have to go pick up kiddos now, but I have plenty of this to make a part 2 tomorrow!


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5 ways kids are tiny little jerks.

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So, I have 4 kids and I love them madly. Unequivocally love them. That being said, there are times where I genuinely would like to put them on top of an elephant and smack it’s butt. When they come to me, and they love on me and they give me hugs and kisses then everything is so sweet. Then they argue with each other about what the actual definition of the word defecate is, and seriously I don’t feel the love. Here’s 5 things that my children have done that makes them jerks… let me know if you can relate.

  1. I keep their bathroom stocked with toilet paper, I mean obviously I would not want them to be without toilet paper and have to improvise, that’s just not a good idea at all, so I make sure that they always have toilet paper under their bathroom sink. Does it occur to them to check under there when they run out? Nope.  Obviously if there is no toilet paper in their bathroom, the next logical move is to go to MY bathroom and take the roll that is on my holder. Friggin jerks.
  2. While we are in the bathroom, we can talk about the shower curtain. It’s a very confusing device, and one just absolutely cannot figure out whether the curtain should be in the tub or out of the tub when showering. The answer is obviously out of the tub, because flooding the bathroom is fun and an easy way to clean the floor.
  3. I love when my kids call me, we chit chat, we laugh and then when the conversation is over, I so sweetly say “I love you”, and then… silence. Don’t hang up on people. Jerks.
  4. I’m guessing that my children assume we have a house elf, as they rarely ever throw away garbage. I’m pretty sure that they think that the house elf just comes along behind them and takes care of whatever mess they make. I mean, I guess technically I’m the house elf, because I do go behind them and clean it up, but I yell while I’m doing it, because yeah… I’m a yeller.
  5. Why are my kids obsessed with knowing ages? They are constantly asking me how old I am. Listen kid, I’m whatever age I want to be! Stop saying I’m 45. Jerks.

5 ways that my kids are jerks. I could keep going, but then I would just be whining. I can’t wait until they are all older, I’m already planning my revenge of waking them up multiple times a night and then super early in the morning. On the weekends. Yes, I’m diabolical.

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6 fun new iOS 10 features!

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Hi guys! So, I planned my day around waiting for my new Iphone 7 Plus,  like literally I’m on my couch waiting anxiously for the Fed Ex guy to come and trying to improve my blog, so guess what happens, my daughter calls and needs me to pick her up from school.  Of course I’m totally freaking out that I’ll miss the Fed Ex guy and he won’t leave my package, so I decide to write him a nifty note.  note closer

So to pass the time, I thought I would play around on my current Iphone 6 and see what new features came with the new update, iOS 10.

It’s rockin my world y’all.  I’ll break it down for you.

1: Texting is mega more fun now, since they added GIF’s! When you are sending a text you can simply click on the arrow to the left of the message box and chose the little A looking thing (I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent, if you know then tell me!)


2. For some more texting fun, you can send your texts with effect, you press and hold the blue arrow to the right of the text box and you can choose from a variety of options, balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, and you can send messages in invisible ink so you have to rub the message to read it.


3. The flashlight has different brightnesses, I’m a big fan of the flashlight and I happen to use it a lot at night when I’m roaming the house looking for chocolate, er I mean when I’m taking the puppy out to potty. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. You do need the version of the iphone that has 3D touch for that one, so 6S and up, you can find that setting in Settings < Control Center.

4. Lyrics! In Apple music some of the songs have a lyrics option on the now playing menu, touch the three dots and you’ll see the option to pull up the lyrics there.

5. How about those things that you don’t remember subscribing to, or that someone else signed you up for, and you have to hunt at the bottom of the email to find the unsubscribe option and it’s a huge waste of time and super irritating. Now, you can unsubscribe from mailing lists right at the top of the email. Just don’t use it to unsubscribe from me, duh.

unsubscribePS. Central Intelligence is out and I highly recommend.  The Rock and Kevin Hart, seriously funny.

6. Who loses their car in the parking lot? I mean I never, ever forget where I park so this feature is totally irrelevant for me… Just kidding, I lose my car all the time and I’m pretty sure it’s why the panic button was invented.  Anyway, so if you use Apple Maps, it will automatically place a pin where you park, it will give you a notification letting you know and it allows you to add a picture if you’d like.  I will be using the heck out of that.

So that’s the features that I’m most excited about.  There are also new emoji’s, and you can finally delete the stock app, as well as the podcast app and a few others.  No worries if you decide you want them back,  you can always reinstall them.

One more thing, Amazon is great for getting inexpensive yet durable cases for phones, this is the one I plan on getting, if anyone else is looking for a case. iPhone 7 Plus Case, Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design [Burgundy] [Modern Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2016)

And if you’ve gotten the equally as awesome Iphone 7, here’s an option for you. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design [Burgundy] [Modern Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 (2016)

HEY! MY PHONE IS HERE!!!! It’s so pretty! I have to go so I can set it up! Let me know how you guys like the new iOS 10, and if you have any questions, please drop them in the comments.

Have a magical day!



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