Closer and closer!

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Hi!  I do realize it’s been way too long since I blogged last, and I don’t have any excuses or specific reasons.  I’m still waiting in the queue, I’m hoping to get my call within the next 2 weeks, which is SUPER EXCITING!!!!  I’m still working on getting my LuLaNook and LuLacloset together, and I’ll post some pictures here as soon as I have it done.  I’m still working on my desk, because I’m the ultimate procrastinator. image1-3

Things that I have done: business cards image1-1

poly mailers, Dymo 4XL, hair ties (I still have to tie them), hangers, tripod for live sales, tissue paper, style cards turned into canvas which are so cute! Here’s a picture… image1-2


Things I still need to finish, my desk, unboxing all the hangers, care cards, car decal, numbers for live sales except I’m pretty sure I’m going to use names from all my favorite fandoms instead of numbers, I just have to find someone to make up cards for me, post it notes, desk chair.

I have to add all the description stuff to my group page still, I’ve been adding a style a day to get people familiar with the fabulousness that is LuLaRoe. I also did a live video last week just to chat and let people get to know me and LLR.  I’m in the home stretch! I can’t wait to get started making women feel beautiful and comfy at the same time!  I’ll be back when I have my desk finished, it’s going to look so nerdy and cool! Have a magical day y’all!

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The road to LuLaRoe

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And so a decision was made…

I have a friend, she’s a beautiful soul and I wish that we lived in the same city so we could hang out in person. Alas, we do not, so I make do with facebook interactions. So a few months ago she started selling LuLaRoe.  For those of you that don’t know what it is, they make the softest, butteriest leggings you’ve ever put on your long, lovely, legs as well as a ton of other beautiful items of clothing.


Aren’t they cute?! This is a halloween pair, and they are like wearing nothing, so comfortable!

Long story short, I’ve decided to jump on the train and sell LuLaRoe as well and I am so STOKED.  The onboard process is a bit long, there’s a queue that I have to wait in and it does take about 8 weeks to get through it and become an actual consultant.  In the meantime though, I can spend my time getting my business ready.  I get to build a LuLaRoom and make the space beautiful and I just can’t wait!  So, I thought I would blog throughout my entire journey and hopefully it will be useful to others who are considering or in the queue to become a consultant as well!  A few days ago I made my first purchase for my new business… hangers! I was so excited!

I decided I want an old desk and I’m going to repaint it, so David and I went to several different Goodwill stores but I didn’t find anything.  I was a little disheartened, but then I came across a buy/sell Facebook page and someone had an old desk and a matching wooden filing cabinet for sale.  It was kismet!  We went and picked them up, and now they are in the garage waiting to be painted.  Today I am starting on those, so wish me luck because I’ve never been a crafty person and this is my first time doing something like this


Yeah, it’s upside down, I have no idea why.  That’s what the desk looks like after David sanded it, I’ll definitely share the after photo in an upcoming blog.

Queue Calls

So they call us Quebies, isn’t that cute?!  Each monday there is a webinar that gives us great info to help us get started.  This past Monday was the first one that I was able to be on and it was such a wealth of info!  They talked about having a 72 hour game plan and making a list of people that you think might be interested in purchasing these little pieces of buttery soft heaven.  I am so excited to make my list! So at the end of the call, they pick 5 people that are on the call randomly and those 5 incredibly lucky individuals get onboarded THAT DAY!  No matter how long they’ve been in the queue they get called that day to start their beautiful adventure!  I was so anxious while listening to the names being called out, fingers crossed, anticipation… but alas, I was not chosen.  It’s a good thing though, because I’m not ready!  I still have to get the desk painted, then put into my LuLaSpace, then I have to get my LuLaCloset ready to receive my inventory which means I have to move all of my clothes out and get the hangers ready.  I have to purchase business cards, as well as shipping supplies.  That’s just a small bit of what I have to do!  So much to do, and approximately 4-5 weeks to get it done!


Ok, I’m outta here, I have a desk to paint!  Wish me luck, for real. I’m skeered.  Someone hold me…

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