The absolute worst parts of being a grown up.

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Being a grown up sucks.

Yup, it’s the truth.  It’s not unknown, most adults know that being an adult isn’t nearly as fun as you think it’s gonna be when you’re a child. I hear my kids say all the time, I can’t wait until I’m a grown up so I can do that, to which I respond, stop it.  Just stop.  Have you guys ever seen that movie Freaky Friday?  Either version, the one with Lindsay Lohan or the original, although I prefer the original.  Anyway, that movie is like my dream scenario, go back to being a child just for a short while?  Yes please!  I’d even be a teenager again, which was definitely the suckiest time of my life, but to just not have the responsibilities of adult hood, even for a short time, yeah I’ll take that.  Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love everything about my life right now, except the bills part, being a mom and a wife is the most fulfilling thing ever, but there are a few aspects about it that I would GLADLY give up

  • Laundry.  It’s my absolute arch nemesis.  Once I became a teenager, I had to do my own, and I hated it then, but it was just me so while I thought it sucked then, I had no idea!  Now I have to do laundry for 6.  SIX PEOPLE.  I definitely didn’t think about that when we decided to have 4 children.  The laundry is never freaking ending.  NEVER ENDING.  There’s nothing fun about laundry, there’s nothing satisfying about laundry. Laundry just flat out sucks and if I had a ton of money, I would literally hire someone just to be my laundry person.  Right now, as I’m typing this, I’m feeling all kinds of guilt because there is currently 4 baskets of clean clothes in my room that needs to be dealt with, and at least 3 loads that need to be washed.  Someone come save me.

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  • Dishes.  Ugh.  Again, there are 6 people living here.  3 meals a day, plus snacks= too damn many dishes and I don’t want to deal with them.  Most of the time I pawn it off on a child, my oldest 2 boys are old enough, and my daughter is getting to the point where she can clean the kitchen well also, so it’s not as bad as it was a couple of years ago BUT the struggle to get them to clean it properly, is real.  If someone wants to come here and give a training session on how to load the dishwasher, I’d be forever grateful. Or if you could come here and train my perfect children to put each dish into the dishwasher when they’re done with meals, that would also be amazing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have robots, I have kids and you pick and choose your battle, I don’t have the energy to ask each child each time to please put their dishes away.  Let’s be honest, it would be more like PUT YOUR DAMN DISHES IN THE DISHWASHER!  WE DO NOT HAVE A HOUSE ELF HERE TO DO IT FOR YOU!  I HATE DISHES SO WASH YOUR OWN DAMN DISHES!  So ultimately we end up with a sink full of dishes, and me yelling at various children, at various times, to get the kitchen clean. Wait, I guess that’s kind of a perk of being the grown up… I get to tell them what to do.  LIGHTBULB!


  • Cleaning the bathrooms.  Hands down the absolute worst part of having 3 boy children is cleaning the bathroom.  Now the boy children are older, so I don’t do it anymore!  I do a once a monthish deep clean of the bathrooms, but on a weekly basis, I put my minions to work on cleaning toilets, tubs and counters.  Having older minions is a beautiful thing, but I still have nightmares of the days when they were all younger and I was the only one that did the cleaning. /shudder  Seriously, this list is just making me realize that being a grown up with older kids isn’t as awful as I was thinking it was when I started this list. HAHA!


  • Paying for crap.  Paying the electric bill, the internet bill, the car payments, the mortgage, although the mortgage is still kind of fun for me, because we just bought this house a few months ago and it’s amazing to be a home owner; however, it sucks to put our hard earned money into such stupid non fun things like electric, and insurance and stupid water bills.  As a kid, I had no idea that bills were a thing, I tell my kids all the time to enjoy the crap we buy for them because as adults, you don’t get to just ask for things and have them appear (my kids might be spoiled, because I live vicariously through them) you have to actually go to work to get the money to buy the things you want.  Of course, I also tell them that work is fun and they’re going to find a job that they love and so everything they earn is going to feel like rainbows and skittles.  They’ll figure it out as adults that I’m full of crap.


  • Having to go to work.  Ok, so I don’t work right now, I mentioned in my last post that I will soon be a LuLaRoe Consultant and I’m so stupid stoked about it, but I used to work!  I used to work at a hotel, and while I loved my coworkers, I hated having to go to work each day.  I’ve had a work from home job as a chat agent and while it was fun at first, it eventually became monotonous and boring.  Then I did Q&A for awhile, and it was absolutely fantastic to have that opportunity for income, but like chatting it quickly became monotonous and boring.  I’m not a fan of boring, I like things to be fun, so it was a daily struggle.  Honestly it was a relief when the job ended because I was hating the daily grind.


  • Being a grown up and having to work sucks, but searching for a job that you desperately need sucks more.  That’s what I went through after losing my Q&A gig, it was stressful and terrifying and all the rejection letters were so disheartening.  Then I decided to do LuLaRoe and now everything feels exciting again.  I can’t wait to be my own boss while making ladies feel beautiful and comfy. I would prefer having a gazillion dollars and spending all my time at Universal Studios pretending to be a wizard, but I’m a grown up so I have to be all responsible and crap instead.


  • Last but not least, having to deal with bugs.  When I was a kid, I didn’t have to squash the spiders!  I didn’t have to swat the flies!  BEING A GROWN UP SUCKS!  Especially when your husband has a huge phobia of spiders so you legit have to man up and handle it.  Ugh.


It’s not all awful…

Being an adult isn’t all bad though, being a mom is amazing, being in love is amazing, the ability to eat chocolate absolutely any time I want is REALLY amazing.  Other than those times when I had to hide in the bathroom to eat my candy bar because I didn’t want to share with the vultures that I call children.  Luckily they’re all old enough now that I can just tell them I’m not sharing and send them away, that’s another perk to adulthood!  Childhood is beautiful though, and I strive every day to ensure that my kids keep their innocence for absolutely as long as possible. I want them to enjoy being kids, and I live my life every day making sure that they do, and at the same time, I get to be a kid again, which is way better than dealing with adult crap!  Adulting is overrated, so I’ll be at home playing video games and watching Harry Potter if you need me.

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  1. laundry!!!! You didn’t mention the laundry fairy that comes every once in a while, clears the dining room table and rescues you.

    • Haven’t seen that laundry fairy in a really long time.

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