Destiny has new content coming! Who’s hyped?

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Rise of Iron is coming, Guardians! rise of iron

Anyone else here play Destiny?  My husband, David, and I have played since the alpha.  David had been watching info about the game for quite awhile and was pretty excited about it coming out, on a whim I signed up for one of those “retweet and win an alpha code” contests on Twitter and ended up winning a code for the PS4. We didn’t actually have a PS4 though, until that moment we were Xbox gamers.  So, we discussed it and decided to go get a PS4, literally so we could try out this game. I know, we are weird.  So, David and I alternated trying out the Alpha, it’s a single player game so we had to behave and take turns. We ended up enjoying the alpha so much, that we decided to purchase a second system so we could play together. So, we took a bunch of games to gamestop, and an old xbox that we were no longer using, and found ourselves the proud owners of a second PS4… you’re welcome Sony. So began our love affair with Destiny. destiny

Once the game was released, we got ourselves two copies, and sat down to play. We had so much fun! Until we got to the end of the first strike, and it took us hours to get past Sepiks Prime, also known as “the big eyeball.”sepiks

Hours spent wiping, starting over, lots of cussing and the fantastic feeling of achievement when it was all over.  Hours spent trying to beat the big alarm clock, The Nexus. the nexus

Hours spent having an absolute blast failing and trying again.  As usual, David was into the game more than I, so while I was a casual player he was pretty hardcore. Eventually he was raid ready and found a few people to raid with. Over time, those people he found to raid with became our friends. Friends that now, going into Year 3 of Destiny, we are still friends with, we text, we game, we raid, it’s a beautiful thing.

Each quarter when new content comes out, it rekindles the love we found the very first time we patrolled.  While there have been a couple of times through out the last 2 years where we have taken a Destiny break, tried out some other games, done other things, we have always gone back. Something about that game just keeps drawing us back! In year one, we worked hard to collect every exotic, I still remember how absolutely amazing it felt when that damn elusive Gjallarhorn finally dropped for me. year one gally

I was the last of our group to get it, and by the time I did get it, pretty much everyone had 2 or more!  I remember when I started playing with the group of friends that David had made, saying that I would never raid because I would never be good enough. This group not only got me into the raid, but made me an expert and we’ve mastered all of the raids hundreds of times!

Year two brought us new exotics to collect, and new levels to hit. I’m actually still working on mine. I extended even more out of my comfort zone and started doing PVP, which is a whole other side of Destiny, this game really does have something for everyone. I’m a HORRIBLE PVPer, but I do it anyway, because most of the time I have a blast doing it, sometimes I get really ticked off and rage quit, but most times I have fun shooting others in the face, the best is finding a group of guardians and blasting them all in the face with a nova bomb… yup, that’s good times. Meanwhile, David and I have a core group of people that hang together, we took a Destiny break together, tried out some other games, went back to Destiny, tried out some other games, and now with Year 3 coming up, we are gearing up for some serious Destiny fun starting tomorrow. We’ve definitely shelled out quite a bit of money for this game, because we both play and our oldest boy plays often as well, but the amount of fun that we’ve had, with our friends, with our kids, with each other from just this one game, is outstanding and worth absolutely every single penny.

I can’t wait for tomorrow, the Gally is back in black with Rise of Iron and I’m stoked. gjallarhorn


I just wish that we were getting our own wolves. If you feel like you might want to try the game, hit this link..You can choose whichever platform you use. Only do it if you really want to have fun gaming though, if you’re lame… don’t buy it.
Destiny The Collection – PlayStation 4 Standard Edition

I want to hear your Destiny story! How did you get your first Exotic? Your first Gjallarhorn? Share with me in the comments.

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