6 fun new iOS 10 features!

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Hi guys! So, I planned my day around waiting for my new Iphone 7 Plus,  like literally I’m on my couch waiting anxiously for the Fed Ex guy to come and trying to improve my blog, so guess what happens, my daughter calls and needs me to pick her up from school.  Of course I’m totally freaking out that I’ll miss the Fed Ex guy and he won’t leave my package, so I decide to write him a nifty note.  note closer

So to pass the time, I thought I would play around on my current Iphone 6 and see what new features came with the new update, iOS 10.

It’s rockin my world y’all.  I’ll break it down for you.

1: Texting is mega more fun now, since they added GIF’s! When you are sending a text you can simply click on the arrow to the left of the message box and chose the little A looking thing (I’m not sure what it’s supposed to represent, if you know then tell me!)


2. For some more texting fun, you can send your texts with effect, you press and hold the blue arrow to the right of the text box and you can choose from a variety of options, balloons, confetti, lasers, fireworks, and you can send messages in invisible ink so you have to rub the message to read it.


3. The flashlight has different brightnesses, I’m a big fan of the flashlight and I happen to use it a lot at night when I’m roaming the house looking for chocolate, er I mean when I’m taking the puppy out to potty. Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. You do need the version of the iphone that has 3D touch for that one, so 6S and up, you can find that setting in Settings < Control Center.

4. Lyrics! In Apple music some of the songs have a lyrics option on the now playing menu, touch the three dots and you’ll see the option to pull up the lyrics there.

5. How about those things that you don’t remember subscribing to, or that someone else signed you up for, and you have to hunt at the bottom of the email to find the unsubscribe option and it’s a huge waste of time and super irritating. Now, you can unsubscribe from mailing lists right at the top of the email. Just don’t use it to unsubscribe from me, duh.

unsubscribePS. Central Intelligence is out and I highly recommend.  The Rock and Kevin Hart, seriously funny.

6. Who loses their car in the parking lot? I mean I never, ever forget where I park so this feature is totally irrelevant for me… Just kidding, I lose my car all the time and I’m pretty sure it’s why the panic button was invented.  Anyway, so if you use Apple Maps, it will automatically place a pin where you park, it will give you a notification letting you know and it allows you to add a picture if you’d like.  I will be using the heck out of that.

So that’s the features that I’m most excited about.  There are also new emoji’s, and you can finally delete the stock app, as well as the podcast app and a few others.  No worries if you decide you want them back,  you can always reinstall them.

One more thing, Amazon is great for getting inexpensive yet durable cases for phones, this is the one I plan on getting, if anyone else is looking for a case. iPhone 7 Plus Case, Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design [Burgundy] [Modern Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 Plus (2016)

And if you’ve gotten the equally as awesome Iphone 7, here’s an option for you. iPhone 7 Case, Caseology [Wavelength Series] Slim Ergonomic Ripple Design [Burgundy] [Modern Grip] for Apple iPhone 7 (2016)

HEY! MY PHONE IS HERE!!!! It’s so pretty! I have to go so I can set it up! Let me know how you guys like the new iOS 10, and if you have any questions, please drop them in the comments.

Have a magical day!



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