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So, I’m almost 40 years old. I’m not ashamed to say it, I may be almost 40, but I’m hella cool. Yup, hella. I dye my hair purple, and I have tattoos. Told you I’m hella cool. I also love nerd things, like a teenager loves boy bands. Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Supernatural, The Walking Dead… I can’t list all of them because it would take up this entire blog, but it’s a lot. I’m loud and proud about my fandoms, because I feel that you are NEVER too old to love things. I show my love, I have pins on my purse, fandom tattoos, fandom stickers on my car, I’m a teenager in a 38 year old body, with the knowledge of someone that is super smart. I really just want to stress how OK it is for you to love something. It’s also OK for you to let everyone know you love it! You don’t have to hide things, who cares what others think?! You’re not too old!

A few months ago, I went to my first Con, Wizard World Philly. It was an amazing experience, we dressed my daughter up as The Childlike Empress from The Neverending Story movie and she had an absolute blast. The movie The Neverending Story was a huge part of my childhood, my brother and I had the movie on VHS and watched it a million times, we had a cassette recorder and we would act out scenes. As soon as my kids were old enough, I sat them down and we watched it together, my older boys did not appreciate the awesome that is this movie, because they are icky boys but my daughter, my shining light… she loved it. She loved it so much that she wanted to BE the Childlike Empress and the con allowed her to do that!

For a day, she was magic, she was light and she loved every single second of it. IMG_9670


As we were leaving the con, she asked when the next one would be.
She had a leather satchel of pink crystals, which she handed to each person who recognized her character. There was so much love for her cosplay throughout the day and she really, really enjoyed putting a smile on people’s faces by handing them the crystal, which represented the last grain of sand that remained of Fantasia. I definitely lived vicariously through her. I ended up finding a blog about her on Twitter Click to read the awesome blog! which told about how she completely turned the Con around for one woman and her son. What a fantastic feeling, knowing that my daughters cosplay made someone really see the awesomeness that is a comic convention.

That’s what being a dorky, geeky, fandom loving nerd is all about, FUN! The joy you get when you dress up as your favorite character, the joy you spread when someone sees you dressed up and they love that character too! Life is meant to be enjoyed, and loving stories, characters, shows, movies, all of those things make life fun! So I’ll repeat, you are absolutely never too old to love something, and you should never ever hide that love, or be embarrassed. If you haven’t seen The Neverending Story, you should definitely watch it, cheezy 80’s graphics and all, it’s a beautiful childhood story. As always, I have a link here, it’s for the first and second movie. The second movie stars Jonathan Brandis who was my absolute favorite actor when I was a teen, and the movie is only 5 bucks, so just do it.

The NeverEnding Story / The NeverEnding Story II

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Also, I would love to hear about your favorite childhood movie, or your favorite cosplay! Comment below and tell me your story.
Have a magical day!

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