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Hey guys! My goal is to post a blog a day, but life gets in the way. Friday I had these amazingly delicious cupcakes delivered, and I was SO EXCITED about the delivery part, (because I’m a total lazy bum) that I bit into the cupcake and completely forgot that I have a bad tooth. Big mistake. Long story short, I ended up at the dentist on Saturday and I’m going in tomorrow for a root canal (DUN DUN DUN!) I’m terrified, like legitimately scared, but that’s another blog. This blog is intended to just let you guys know about the store I set up on Amazon.
In trying to earn money to supplement my husbands income, I’m exploring all kinds of avenues. So I set up shop, it’s the SkidooshShop! I’m throwing up all kinds of nerdy randomness on it, so you should check it daily, in case I have something totally cool that you have to have! As usual, I’m droppin the link here SkidooshShop, clicky and check it out! Also, I’m working on getting an email sign up thingy added here so you guys can sign up for my blog updates. Hopefully I’ll have that live tomorrow. I know you’re all anxiously waiting to get a daily email from this nerd! Have a magical night guys!

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