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Taking a moment to talk about how awesome I feel right now. I got on facebook this morning and found that my favorite author, which you guys may remember I blogged about the other day, Christopher Pike, responded to my comment!!! I’m so happy that he took the time to read my blog and see the amazing impact he’s had on my life, and continues to have! His response prompted others to come to my blog and one even left a comment! I can’t even really describe how I felt when I read the comment. I guess it’s similar to euphoria, I mean, I was just so thrilled that someone read my words and then took the time to respond to me. It’s really an amazing feeling, and has given me the nudge I needed to really throw everything into this blog. So those of you that are reading, please know how thankful I am that you’re taking a few minutes of your very busy lives, to read what I have to say. I appreciate you so much. I hope that eventually you will all become nerds, because nerds are cool, and everyone wants to be cool. Oh and I’m leaving a link again, for another one of his books, you should buy it.  Till next time…

Thirst No. 1: The Last Vampire, Black Blood, Red Dice

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