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Growing up, I read. As an adult I’m a total introvert, I don’t do well in social spaces with a lot of people, I feel awkward. As a child/teen, I was pretty much the same way, so instead of interacting with kids, I read. I was the nerd that went to the library at lunch and read my Sweet Valley High books (Jessica was such a rebel!) My love for reading has only multiplied as an adult, and I don’t have as much time to read as I would like, but I do it when I can. I’ve tried to instill that love into my nerdy children. Luckily, my older boys enjoy reading, and my oldest actually does it for fun! I was so incredibly stoked when he was old enough for me to pass my beloved collection of books by my favorite author, on to him. Who is my favorite author? I know you’re super curious… Christopher Pike. He was popular in the 90’s, he wrote YA fiction that is totally twisted and so enjoyable to read. I collected every single one of his books and kept them. I didn’t even keep them with the intentions of passing them on to my children, I kept them because I loved them and wanted to have them forever.

As I said, my oldest enjoys reading, so as soon as I felt he was old enough, I introduced him to the awesomeness that is Christopher Pike. After the first book, he was hooked, and I was one thrilled mom! He read through the book in just a couple of hours, and then we discussed how amazing the book was, and how enjoyable the writing style is, how the characters are likable and funny! I love a good sarcastic character and Christopher Pike is fantastic at creating that. Since that first book, my son has read nothing but Christopher Pike (with the exception of the new Harry Potter that recently came out, he took a break to read that and if you haven’t read it, you should!) If you like YA, don’t be embarrassed, embrace it! I love YA books, and I definitely read more YA books than any other type. You guys should leave me a comment if you like YA, so I don’t feel all alone on the earth as a 38 year old YA lover. Also, if you love YA, you should check out Christopher Pike, because as I’ve mentioned, he’s amazing. I’m adding a link here for you, it’s my favorite series of his, and it’s super cheap so you should pick up a copy and give it a try. I promise you’ll love it and then you’ll love him just like I do! If you’re looking for something new to read, try it out. It’s 3 books in one, and they are such a fun read, click the linky if you want, and then buy the book, if you want to read something good. If you don’t want to read something good, then don’t click the link and don’t buy the book, there’s no pressure here… I’m not telling you how to live your life. It’s good though, for real.

Remember Me: Remember Me; The Return; The Last Story

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  1. Like yourself I’m a huge Pike fan and I am 52. Yes, you heard right lol. My niece introduced me to his books, oh gosh about 20 plus years ago and I was hooked. I was given The Last Vampire and finished it within a few hours. I then proceeded to raid her bookshelf and in the end I was at Target Australia buying every book of his they had.
    I was so excited when my son and daughter started taking a like to his books myself. My daughter more so as when she was around ten Alosha came out and we read it together each night. We laughed,cried and this Mum loved seeing her reaction to Kevin’s books. She has gotten her friends into his books and I think it’s a lovely thing we have both passed down. A love of reading is truely a magic thing to have. And like your son we have all read Harry Potter, a series close to my heart.
    So, yes I may be the oldest Pike fan but I continue to get exited when he releases new books myself. Loved the blog 🙂

    • Steph, thank you so much for responding to my blog, you’re my first real comment and now I’m going to do a blog post about how awesome it felt!

  2. I LIKE YA

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