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Posted by on Aug 31, 2016 in Noobness | 1 comment

When I made the decision to blog in an attempt to make money I knew that it was a large undertaking and that it would be a long, hard process. That being said, I’m dedicated to making this work, so here I am…trying to figure it all out. We need money, we just bought our first home and while it’s super exciting and fun and jump up and down worthy, it’s expensive!

For the last 3 years I have had an at home job which worked for me, I made enough for us to live on and have fun with, and it was great. Then right around the time we closed on the house, that job ended. Sad face. So here I am, trying to find something else and struggling hard core. While we didn’t have a lot of debt before owning a home, we definitely accrued a decent amount after buying because we had to fill our big, beautiful new home!

My point here, I’m hoping that you guys will just follow along in my journey. My hopes are that this will work, and that maybe some of you will be inspired to do your own! We all have a story to tell, and this is a fantastic way to tell it. I’m going to work on prettying up this blog today, wish me luck!

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One Comment

  1. Your house is so beautiful, I hate to go home. I know you, and you always come out on top. Stay steady, and stay strong, one day and one step at a time. I so proud of four amazing grandkids and your hubby is the best.

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